The Best Audio Store in Mercer Island

Digital File Ripping

We offer Digital solutions successfully “Ripped” well organized digital music library.


We offer home based & luxury custom made audio installation to cater our client’s specific needs.

Record Cleaning

We offer an impeccable record cleaning service that is reliable and improves sound quality.

Our Partners

Our partners are locally and internationally acclaimed with a taste for perfection in audio for the highest fidelity attainable today.

About Us

Island HIFI came into existence through our innate love and burning passion for audio equipment. We are a high-end two-channel Audio store at Mercer Island. We are enthusiastic about providing our clients with life-changing sound experience when they use our products and service, along with great emphasis laid on imparting expert advice concerning audio equipment set up. Our competitive edge is our attention to detail and high standards of perfection in revamping an ethereal high-end musical experience for our clients belonging to all walks of life. Our audio equipment is high quality and aesthetically pleasing to the eye, and the sound experience is over the top, evoking all senses and making our clients fall in love with each and every aspect. We want you to have a high-end and un-paralleled listening experience when you use our equipment that gives you goose-bumps and make your senses come to life. Our services include record cleaning, custom marine installation, luxury private jet, and yacht audio set-up. Island HIFI aims to provide you with the very best standards of service in the Complicated audio-equipment arena. let your ears do the rest of the work in making the best decision for you.

News & Reviews

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We offer high-tech and quality solutions for enhanced sound and an un-paralleled musical experience



We source only the finest quality loud speaker system with integrating models of amplification and vibration technology adding clarity, tone and timber to the essence of audio


The Very Best in Surround Sound

We offer exquisite audio-visual solutions with immaculate detail, clarity and structure enhancing the ultimate visual experience.

Powerful Audio Replication

Island HIFI has culminated from a rich amalgam of luxury, music and art. Conjuring powerful musical experience with clarity, utilizing cutting edge technology that allows audio from your home systems to dynamically immerse into low frequency range of large rooms. This high level audio reproduction in terms of texture, timber and tone color, marks an evolution in audio-systems, providing high value for our customer’s investment. Our two Channel HIFI  Systems offers the ultimate expression of audio replication and musical recreation.