File Ripping Services

CD To Digital Ripping

Your entire collection…in one place.

With a digital collection, you’ll never misplace a CD again. Your entire collection will be consolidated, searchable and instantly available.

Easily backup your collection in case of damage or loss.

Never say “I used to own that record” again. In case of disaster, you are covered. With a digital collection, you can back up your library to “the cloud” or external hard drives for safe keeping. Golden Ear Digital offers secure storage for your valuable collection.

Easily sync with your iPod or portable Mp3 Player.

Listen to your music on the go.

Shuffle tracks and create playlists for any occasion.

Variety is the spice of life. A Golden Ear Digital collection is your ultimate jukebox.

Use your smart phone or tablet as a remote control.

With a well organized digital music library, you can browse and play anything in your collection from the comfort of your couch. You can even create playlists and view album artwork, artist & album information and more all on your hand held device. Now, that sounds good!